To build great teams, understanding the Subconscious Strengths of your best employees is the vital first step. To understand the often hidden strengths that combine to make them so productive and such a good fit for your organisation.

There is a Profiling tool that, for no cost, enables you to benchmark your best. The Profiles give you meaningful insights into what makes your best people so good. You’ll discover how your ‘champions’ deal with challenges, their communication style, and how engaged they are.

Once you know the strengths that make them great, we take just 2 steps to find new employees to replicate them… 

  1. Profile them, then interview only the few with the Subconscious Strengths that match or exceed your Benchmark
  2. At interview and reference checking, we drill down on their experience, skills and job performance

Why is Profiling so valuable? Frustration occurs when people with different styles cannot communicate easily and productivity crashes. This is easily rectified by matching their complementary subconscious strengths wherever possible, particularly when hiring.

Productivity is often hindered by differences in communication and work styles. While these differences are not necessarily a bad thing, failing to acknowledge and learn about them can be detrimental to your organisation. Using our proprietary profiling system, the subconscious strengths and drivers of your best people are identified and become your Benchmark. This leads to beneficial insights that can be used to identify top talent both inside and outside of your organisation.

One key subconscious driver: Are these great people Big or Small Picture? Big Picture people are the visionaries that will start with the Vision – and very often stay there.

Small Pictures’ start with the details and must finish the task. They can help their Big Picture colleagues with detailed planning and moving projects to completion. In business, it’s vital that both Big and Small are on your teams wherever possible as when combined, they drive high productivity.

With Benchmarking, hiring becomes faster and easier, and the time you and your team spend interviewing is significantly reduced.

It also opens up a giant pool of overlooked talent for you – as age can no longer be used as an automatic screen for candidates as being ‘too old so they won’t fit our culture’. If their Profiles are strong, your hiring team will need to seriously consider them and ignore their usually irrelevant ‘year of birth’.

Our screening and interviewing time is greatly reduced – which means our costs are significantly less. So even with all the Benchmarking, Debriefing and profiling of Candidates included, our fees are less than half of other agencies.

Spend less time hiring while gaining valuable insights into your team.

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