Are You a Victim of Ageism? The truth and why it is ignored

Ageism is oppression against the Mature and leads to depression

Why ignored? Because even many of the mature don’t believe Employment Ageism is a major problem…

That is until they lose their job or want a better one, or get overlooked for training or promotion for no reason apart from their DOB. Then Employment Ageism starts to hurt. Our LinkedIn Polls (269 responses) were run twice and the overall result was predictable – 69% believed Employment Ageism is real. Not surprising given that ‘Mature Sufferers’ are most likely to respond to this topic.

So what was surprising? That 78% of the disbelievers/partial believers of Ageism were over 45, the age when the average time spent unemployed starts to rise.

So if they don’t believe it, what are the chances of changing the behaviour of the frontline recruiters, mostly Millennials?

Making it worse, many employment ageism ‘Partial or Non believers’ have shared characteristics – they are typically dynamic, positive and successful. What has surprised me in our research in the last 20 months is just how many of them there are! Some that I know are Tanya Gray, Phil Lee, Derek Lark, and Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Dynamos make their own ‘luck’, are not age prejudiced themselves, and (at least partly) believe that avoiding ageism is down to ‘personal responsibility’.

These people have influence, so their disbelief spreads, adding to the problem. With no personal experience of Ageism, and not knowing its real causes, they believe sufferers are personally responsible and need to do one or all of…

  1. Change their attitude – become more positive and outgoing
  2. Accept they’re not good enough anymore, and lower their sights
  3. Update their skills. Australia’s Treasurer believes training is the solution and just announced another Billion will be spent – it will fail again as it has many times before. The problem just grows year by year as the Boomer Bulge is now all over 55. Advisors to the Treasurer Joel Labi and Simon Frost, do you believe it’s money well spent?

Doing these will of course fix a few of the hurdles for the over 45s. But what use positivity and skill updating if you can’t get an interview in skilled and well-paid areas? So from Age 45 they suffer longer unemployment, and many are underemployed or are stuck in jobs that are way beneath their skills.

There is nothing ‘personal’ about what employers and young recruiters believe it’s just that they believe

It has even permeated the community of HR professionals, including many over 45, which surprised us when we started our research. We have a solution, but to make an impact we need a deeper understanding – just how serious it is; why it persists; and who are the main villains. Really appreciate your doing a short and confidential survey 

Here’s the link

Thanks (in advance!) for helping rid us of this scourge that damages so many millions and our economy.


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“Age is just a number, a number & no more. The experience, maturity, wisdom an older person brings to an organisation is immense & can never be replicated.” Jacqueline Perera, LinkedIn.

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