Enjoy your job and never do another day’s ‘ work’!

How much will your life change if you land your Dream Job?

Dream Job: A mature woman sitting at a desk clearly has her dream job!

What are the main benefits of finding your Dream Job? Maybe ‘More money’, ‘Greater Happiness’, ‘Improved self-esteem’. So, what would change for you?


Life is a journey, it’s not a destination: we’re all heading down a pathway. But which particular path are you on? Planning ahead for which path to take and how long to stay on it is critical. You need to aim high and stay focused or you won’t land your unique dream job.

When I worked as a recruiter, I know that once someone goes from a salary of say $130,000 up to $150,000, they tend to stay there for quite a few years. It’s like snakes and Ladders where you go up but not down, and an extra $20,000 every year for 10 years has a big impact.

What an incentive to plan your career, particularly if you are facing the challenges of Ageism!

The big ‘secret’ that most know in their head, but not their heart? That there’s a huge increase in passion and energy in your life if you do what you love. Imagine a job that makes you feel alive, where every workday flashes past because you are so involved. Or you even reach my (sad?) state – I sometimes enjoy my work more than my weekend! I haven’t clock watched since I worked for Price Waterhouse back in the mid-70s – and found the work and the ‘6-minute blocks’ charging culture soul-destroying.

So, is it worth having a career plan to get that dream job? Absolutely.

When I work with people and help plan their careers, most people want to know how to:

Be successful in their job; get promoted; use their time effectively; retire or semi-retire; or become financially comfortable before they are too old.

Most importantly, is their career going in the right direction?

For the Sea-changers and the Mature suffering Ageism

This is for all of you who are looking to downsize your jobs and get more balance or Purpose into your lives. Or perhaps move to the countryside or the coast and do something completely different. In Covid-19 times and remote working, this is now very feasible. That said, the need for a simple Plan is even more important.

Your goals are more complex and broader than just money, and your dream job is rarely about just money. For example, you may work at something you like a little less to gain the lifestyle benefits. But, as with any great career, you still need the Plan to get there.

Too many people do something completely different when they make a sea change. Some even buy a business in which they have no experience, usually putting a big hole in their superannuation and their happiness.

A simple Plan, discussed with friends and family and the Community inside Stable and Wise will get you on the track to your dream job and at least a little more happiness.


The mission of the Stable and Wise Community…

To unite unprejudiced employers with Mature, stable and motivated employees

“Age is just a number, a number & no more. The experience, maturity, wisdom an older person brings to an organisation is immense & can never be replicated.” Jacqueline Perera, LinkedIn.

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