Once you’ve accepted the offer, it’s resignation time

This Post has the steps on how to resign cleanly and professionally…

Once you’ve accepted the offer and you’re employed, it’s time to resign – do it now, both verbally and by email.

Resigning professionally

What goes in your ‘Resigning email’?

  • To tell them you’ve accepted and signed an offer to join another organisation, and are resigning effective immediately. Then hand them a printed copy of the signed letter and send an email. There must be no confusion around the date you resigned.
  • Thank them for the opportunity to work there and express regret that you are leaving (clearly your level of regret will vary!).
  • Offer to assist to minimise any disruption caused by your leaving.

But what is most important about the letter? To get it to your Manager and HR as soon as you have decided. With a verbal resignation, there might be differences of opinion about the last days of your notice period.

Your goal is to leave the organisation as professionally as possible. You have invested time and formed relationships with colleagues and you don’t want to damage this. Former colleagues are critical members of your ongoing career network.


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