Two Self-Evident Employer Truths

The majority of employers know both of these statements are true. Unfortunately, only a few actively promote age diversity – as a result, we now have an Ageism Pandemic with millions of mature workers suffering during their working lives.

Worsening in the last 20 years due to the aging of the Boomers, this giant demographic bulge is now 55+, with all of us suffering ageism in employment at some stage in our lives.

Unfortunately, it seems the majority of employers are unconsciously discriminating. Conscious or not, how do they get away with breaking the law?

Ageism in the workplace: Two smug millenials laughing because they are young

Firstly because Ageism is well hidden, and there is no easy way for candidates to prove whether hiring choices were discriminatory. This is the main reason so many in senior management are unaware their organisation discriminates.

Secondly, they don’t believe they are discriminating because they believe the 4 Mature Myths. (The Myths). They believe the Mature are less skilled, less productive and hard to train – so by hiring Millennials they are simply hiring the best. From top to bottom, managers believe “No ageism here”!.

However, they are not hiring the best! There are 8 Reasons why the talent in this community is the best in Australia. Some of the reasons might surprise you.

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