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Our Purpose

To provide jobs to the over 45 by linking employers to a giant pool of quality candidates.


To end the age discrimination of too many employers, whether they do it knowingly or not.


Why Stable and Wise is needed

Rampant age discrimination in the workplace damages millions of people like you. A typical story? You applied to many job ads and were ignored because of your age, so you stopped applying. Then if you lost your job? Long unemployment, followed by one less skilled, often at lower pay.

Foundation Membership

We launched to Sydney in late May and will be national by Mid June.

Register Here to become a Member and you'll start receiving your 'Over 45s Job Readiness Tool Kit'. The jobs will start flowing in late June.

What the Community delivers

  • First and foremost delivering jobs to you, the over 45 fighting blatant discrimination. We’ll also give you ‘The Over 45 Job Readiness Tool Kit’ so you are always job ready with the skills you need.

  • To the many employers who want the value of a diverse workforce, delivering you direct access to quality and mature employees.


Your  Outcomes

The Problem to be Solved is Major

It's time you left this broken system!

Books published by Toby Marshall, the Founder


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