Future-proofing the over 40

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Future-proofing the over 40

Regardless of age, the right person in the right job
delivers great performance

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Creating jobs for the over 40 by connecting employers to this productive and undervalued pool of skilled candidates. For less than 8% of Agency fees.

Ending Ageism by the many thousands of employers unaware they illegally discriminate.

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Why Stable and Wise is needed?

Rampant ageism damages millions of people. Solving it would create huge opportunities for Society, and this drove us to tackle what we discovered is ‘World’s First’ Research: Employment Ageism and Its Solutions.

Finally, the solution to the persistent problems of Ageism…

The Solutions and Insights

The Over 40 Job Readiness Toolkits

1. Selling Unique YOU

Marketing your unique brand in this tough COVID world…

2. Resumes

Build a door opening Resume? Here’s what you need to know…

The Interview Champion!

3. Your Interview Tips

Interview like a champion to win your dream job…

Ageism; Notepad with the words "Follow-up" penned down on it

4. The Follow up

How to follow-up an Interview to secure your dream job…

Ageism; Age discrimination related keywords jumbled

5. Agencies-value??

How to conquer the broken Agency ‘profession’…

Networking 101

6. Networking

Building your Networks to pursue your dream job…

Ageism; Facts and crossed out myths

7. Mature Age Myths

The Mature Age Myths most Millennials believe…

Foundation Membership

We launched the War on Ageism in Sydney in June and it will be national in late July. Register Here to become a Member and receive your ‘Job Readiness Tool Kit’ and The Blueprint to finding a great job.

Age discrimination - 3 mature people sitting and discussing work

What the Community delivers

First and foremost delivering jobs to you, the millions of over 40s suffering blatant discrimination. Then you’ll receive your copy of the ‘Job Readiness Tool Kit’ to sharpen your job seeking skills.

To the many employers who value diversity, delivering low cost and fast access to qualified employees who are undervalued.

The Discrimination to be Solved is Major

6,000,000 struggle for much of their lives…

  • Unemployed for 2 years on average – under 40s suffer a third of that.
  • Over 55s are now the 2nd largest group on unemployment subsistence, and Covid-19 has made it worse.

Wasn’t age discrimination banned?

  • Theoretically yes, but it just made it worse. We only banned the symptom, discrimination in advertising. The ignorance and prejudice are now just hidden.
  • At least the ignorant were visible before!

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