Replicating Your Most Outstanding Employees

Connecting the mature employee to excellent employers

Regardless of age, consistently great performance is delivered by…

The Right Person, in the Right Job at the Right Time

How to Replicate your most Outstanding Employees

Millions of Australians are suffering from…

Unemployment | Under-employment | Forced early retirement | Wasteful employment (such as Coders driving Ubers!)

While great talent is constantly overlooked, our economy suffers from unfilled vacancies and ballooning welfare payments.

Millions of over 45s possess skills that are reportedly scarce

Why can’t Employers Hire these great people? 3 Reasons…

1. After too many applications were ignored, they stop applying
2. Many were forced into early retirement
3. The biggest reason… Employers trying to hire the Mature are inundated with applicants. Millions are desperate for any job, even a few casual hours

How can you hire the very best of ‘The Overlooked’? See below

age related discrimination
Age discrimination - 3 mature people sitting and discussing work

Why is Ageism persistent and getting worse?

Because over 75% of Australian employers regularly discriminate – but don’t believe they do. They wrongly believe that the young are always better – because they believe these 4 Myths.

Australia banned age discrimination. How do employers get away with it?

The ban, sadly, just made it worse. We only addressed the symptom, discrimination in advertising. The rampant ignorance and prejudice disappeared ‘Underground’ and likely increased as there is now no way to prove discrimination.

Stable and Wise delivers you easy access to this giant pool of outstanding talent

It all starts with benchmarking your best people. Using our profiling system, the strengths, working styles, and drivers of your top performers are identified. This information is used to deliver only quality candidates that fit your needs.

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Books published by Toby Marshall, the Founder

The Author, Toby Marshall MBA, BEc, is the Founder of the Stable and Wise Community.

He has over 20 years of experience in recruiting and building large Communities, both on-line and offline. His 2 Amazon books, Get Great People and Get a Better Job were published in 2005. They were expanded and republished on Kindle in 2021.