Like many HR and business managers, you’re probably often told “hire more older people!”

When you stop hiring the Mature, or even trying to keep the ones you have, you’re contributing to the damage of millions of lives and our economy.  Overwhelming research also shows that you’ll have less diversity, which damages productivity immensely. Given this constant message, why does employment Ageism persist?

Unfortunately, it’s because many HR managers believe the toxic myths about the Mature (See the 4 Toxic Myths Article) – so they don’t believe the over 40s will fit their culture or be as productive as a Millennial.

Even if you know the Myths are ridiculous and you want to hire people over 40, it’s still hard to find the right ones. The ones that are productive team members that fit what is often a Millennial focused culture. The Stable and Wise Community is now collaborating with HR professionals to finally end this discrimination ‘pandemic’.

Our Community’s Mission? 

Deliver employers skilled and experienced candidates quickly and at a low cost. 

Many employers are unaware how drastic the ageism pandemic is. The first reason is because ageism is rarely included in Diversity and Inclusion seminars, only the other 5 types of discrimination (Gender, race, etc). Incredibly, there were 3 seminars in the 2nd half of June 2020 and Ageism as usual didn’t get a mention!

Secondly, the result of banning ageism has just driven it underground – it’s easy to hide and no way it can be audited (only its results in terms of un/underemployment). Finally, many of the Mature stop applying to job ads – after 50 rejections and no interviews, wouldn’t you?

So Ageism continues because the people doing the screening, mostly Millennials and young Gen Xers, don’t believe they are discriminating. They believe the Myths, and sadly, many over 55s have come to believe them also. Age discrimination starts becoming a problem when the average time spent unemployed rises – at the ridiculously young age of 40. It then rises every year until it reaches over 2 years!

How will Stable & Wise give you the best, most skilled from this huge pool?

Simply by gathering many thousands of over 40s into one platform, The Talent Vault. With their resumes in one place, you can easily reach them by loading your job description and then searching with AI.

There are 8 reasons why joining the Vault makes these workers so productive (Full 8 Reasons Article), here are just a couple…

First, The Vault starts by making them job ready with free access to the ‘The Over 40s Job Readiness Toolkit’. This toolkit has digital and video versions of the 3 job seeking and recruitment books we’ve published. A key part of this is helping the over 40s access all the government support that they are entitled to, and upgrade their skills to improve their career prospects.

Secondly, we are encouraging Members in The Vault to take on internships with quality employers who will hire them permanently if all goes well. Internships can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and the only expense to you is to cover their transport and lunches.

At the end of it, you’ll both know whether they are right for your team and the role.. It’s a low risk and low cost win-win for both the employer and employee. We then use an AI driven search tool to search The Vault, eliminating the need for expensive and time wasting advertising. Just write your job description and load it up – within 3 days you’ll have a screened shortlist. Choose your top 3 or 4, and then the next piece of magic…

We send the candidates a request to do a short video interview. This gives you a good look at their soft skills. Now you are ready to Zoom/Teams interview just the final couple of candidates. All done in less time than it takes for 50 or more candidates to respond to an advertisement. And think of all that screening time you’ll save!

Our guarantee? The fees initially are 100% based on results – if you don’t hire, we don’t get paid even our tiny fee. Plus there’s more: if from one job description you hire more than one candidate, you still only pay for one, whether you hire one or ten!

We are simply putting thousands onto the platform and upskilling them so you can pick the best for your organisation.

Want to learn more? Where HR Solves Ageism

See you soon!

Toby Marshall

Founder of Stable & Wise