Here are 8 reasons why the candidates in our Talent Vault are exceptionally talented…

The people in The Vault are more talented and productive primarily because of the well hidden Ageism pandemic – a pandemic that many in business deny even exists!

Is ageism a pandemic?

The United Nations, April, 2021: “The Australian economy would grow by $62B annually if just 5% more people aged over 55 were employed.”

The Ageism Solution? The Talent Vault!

We are creating a giant pool of over 40s and giving employers low cost and fast access using Artificial Intelligence.

The thousands joining The Talent Vault are exceptionally talented – here are the 8 reasons why…

  • The biggest reason is a direct result of our ‘Age Discrimination Pandemic’

In any large pool of candidates, there will be some talented and experienced people that fit what you’re looking for. When this pool suffers constant discrimination, even the best candidates struggle to find a good job, or any job at all.  Over 5 million over 40s will suffer age discrimination and this is where The Vault comes into play. 

  • The Vault contains the highly valuable ‘Passive Candidate

What are passives and why are they valuable?

A ‘passive’ is what the recruitment industry calls someone in a job but not actively seeking a new one – so they don’t browse job advertisements.  They have exactly what you are looking for as you select them – whereas with ads, anyone will apply, even the people with a ‘take anything desperation’ mindset.  The problem is that employers cannot source the passices – they must pay many thousands in agency fees to get them. 

Since registering in The Vault doesn’t mean one is actively seeking a job, just that they’re happy to explore, The Vault contains many passives. Stable and Wise can deliver them to you at less than 5% of agency fees.

  • You know the type of job these applicants really want

Stable and Wise asks for their first and second preference when they register for The Vault – to keep them happily employed for yearsFor example, these passives are not just taking the casual and low paid job that was advertised because they couldn’t get anything else, or taking a full time job when what they really wanted was part-time.

  • The ‘Over 40s Job Readiness Toolkit’ gets them prepared and upskilled

This toolkit helps candidates define their ideal job, and sharpens their job seeking skills.  The toolkit has 7 sections, each covering a vital part of the job seeking process from powerful resumes to the very challenging task of getting value out of recruitment agents.  Access the Toolkit here..

  • The Mature are more Productive than Millenials

Again, a big claim!  But it is due to one key difference – the Mature stay in jobs much longer.The Australian Human Resources Institute research in 2018 showed that Millennials have by far the highest job turnover, over 50%.  More than 5 times that of the over 50s!

Turnover costs big bucks – it ranges from 4 to 18 months of the leaver’s salary, depending on the job.  The bulk of jobs will cost in the range of 6 to 8 months salary.  So even if you believe the 4 ridiculous Myths about the Mature, , the average Millenial would need to be a superhero to claw back those huge replacement costs.

  • Mature Age Internships

Companies can’t and won’t advertise a job that says “you will start as an intern, and just get paid travel and lunch expenses”.  Not great for their image and they will get hundreds of applicants that are a waste of time – as so many are desperate, particularly in COVID-19 times.  Members of The Vault have said they are willing to do an ‘expenses only internship’ for the right job and the right employer.

These members know they can do the job and will invest time to prove to you that they want your job. Nowhere else will you find highly skilled people prepared to do this.  Of course, some employers will be uncomfortable and see it as exploitation – just agree to pay for their time interning if they join you, or perhaps shorten the internship once they prove they are right for the job.  Then there is no exploitation.

  • Training Courses before joining you

Again, this demonstrates how much they want your job and are prepared to invest their time to satisfy any concerns you may have about their skills.  Particularly IT skills – most are keen to refine these and prove they have them.

  • The Mature try harder

Like all groups suffering discrimination, once hired they have to keep proving themselves.  As many different groups have had to since the beginning of time. 

Add all the 8 together?

Then no doubt the talent inside The Vault is truly amazing!