One that opens doors regardless of your age

Here’s the summary of the Resume Guide for you to create your door opener…

1. Your resume is your sales ‘brochure’. It must sell you – its purpose is just to get the interview!

Resume Guide: Candidate holding their resume at interview

2. Like all brochures, keep it short. Two pages are enough, and this is probably the most important piece of advice in this Resume Guide. No one reads more, and if they do they’ll likely miss what’s important.

3. Make it look good. There is no one correct format or layout, but your resume must be easy to read and look professional and neat.

4. Check spelling and grammar (use Grammarly – it’s free). Then get at least two friends/colleagues/buddies to read and discover what you’ve missed.

5. Use bullet points– otherwise, your key selling points get lost.

6. Use strong action words: ‘completed’, ‘managed’, ‘changed’, ‘implemented’, ‘led’.

7. Reverse chronological order – most recent job first. The first thing they read is what they’ll remember (and the current or most recent job is the most important).

8. For each job, list your responsibilities and your achievements. This is essential to show why you’re right for this job.

9. Do NOT put the referee names in. Just say “will be provided later”.

10. Work hard on your covering email. Tailor it for the job – only 3 short bullet points.

11. Always follow up by phone. You’ve gone to all this trouble, why wouldn’t you?! Not really part of the Resume Guide – but vital!


The mission of the Stable and Wise Community…

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“Age is just a number, a number & no more. The experience, maturity, wisdom an older person brings to an organisation is immense & can never be replicated.” Jacqueline Perera, LinkedIn.

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