Interview Follow Up is rarely done well: Here’s how to leapfrog your competition…

Interview followup Vital!

Here’s how to follow up your interview and land the job you want despite discrimination…

  1. Consider a BRIEF thank you email after the interview if you want the job.
  2. Why didn’t you get the job if you had the skills? Maybe poor presentation, being too modest, unrealistic demands, didn’t have any questions for them, etc.
  3. Treat every interview as a learning exercise – evaluate your performance and always seek feedback (there is only one way to get valuable feedback).
  4. Always ask for time to consider a job offer – it raises your value in their eyes. Plus gives you time to consider it carefully and to conclude other job applications.
  5. Consider the warning signs that might make you want to decline an offer.
  6. If you decide not to accept the job offer: decline gracefully, professionally and quickly. Your 1st Decision: Thank or Not?

Should you send a thank-you email as part of your Interview follow up? Always if you want the job (maybe if not, but not until they reject you perhaps). If you think the job is right for you, it’s time to do what you can to build a relationship with the interviewer and the company. However, don’t overstep and become a nuisance. One short email thanking them and confirming your interest is perfect. If you can, attach some new information you know they want, that could be useful. If the interviewer referred you on to someone else, always thank them regardless of how helpful the referral was.

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