Interview Feedback is gold but hard to get:

What is the only way to get constructive feedback?

Good interview feedback means you’re more likely to see the signs of age related discrimination in future interviews…

Interview Feedback: Sign saying Follow up

Feedback is really valuable but almost no-one seeks it in a way that gets them anything useful. Mostly they just get platitudes because interviewers are usually wary of telling the truth.

Of course, if you are over 45, a Muslim, a woman, from the LGBT community, have dark skin – then it’s possible and even likely that the reason was illegal discrimination. So there is no way you’ll get any feedback of value, just lies and platitudes if you ask.

What are the only words that get you good interview feedback and won’t make the interviewer defensive?

“I understand that the other applicants may have been stronger,

but in which areas was I relatively less strong?

How could I have presented better?”

If you want them to slam closed like the proverbial clamshell, challenge them with words like…

“I can’t understand why I didn’t get the job”; “But I have this skill and this experience…”;

“Surely my experience at AB Corp makes me perfect for this job”.

Why would an interviewer enter this minefield of self-justification?! Like most people, my dealings with Agencies when I was an applicant (and also as an employer using agencies) were often appalling. So when becoming a Recruiter in 1990 I was determined to do better, particularly in providing feedback. How naïve!

Why? Too many people ask for interview feedback just so they can argue that their rejection was wrong.

So, initially, I provided honest feedback. However, two went behind my back and called my client, the employer, and argued the toss with them. The client called me and said, “One of the reasons I’m paying you is to keep these lunatics away from me. One has called me three times!”. After that, I only gave feedback when it was asked for in the non-defensive way described above. Which was very rare.

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“Age is just a number, a number & no more. The experience, maturity, wisdom an older person brings to an organisation is immense & can never be replicated.” Jacqueline Perera, LinkedIn.

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