If you decide not to accept an Offer: decline gracefully and quickly

This Post has what you need to professionally decline a job offer and keep doors open for the future…

If you decide not to accept a job offer: decline gracefully, professionally and quickly. Do it well and you just might get a pleasant surprise of a better offer that you now might accept. And they might have something more suitable in the future.

Declining some jobs is a critical part of job searching. Of course, it’s never easy when you’ve been looking for a while and the mortgage and bills are piling up.

But it’s your life – you will be much happier and end up earning more in the right job. With a well-planned job search, you will have alternatives soon. However, occasionally the reality of money means you have to take any job, at least temporarily.

Declining an offer professionally

Warning signs leading to a “No”

  • There is no regular, planned feedback in the job
  • Performance standards are confusing, and the job description unclear
  • The boundaries of your job, where it begins and ends, remain confused, even after asking for clarification (note this is increasingly common with ‘knowledge’ jobs)
  • You don’t know why it’s been vacant for so long – despite asking why
  • You don’t know how many hours are needed each day for great performance
  • You have not met your future boss or work colleagues, only HR
  • The job does not appear to allow you to learn new skills, and there is limited training and development
  • The company is receiving bad press and may have financial pressure

It’s your life, your career. Just say No.


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