The Stable and Wise Community

was founded for 3 reasons…

Employment Ageism is our hidden Pandemic

Our research proved that the great majority of Australian employers discriminate, but few do it consciously. How do we know they do? Because the ‘proofs in the pudding’…

  • The high jobless rate and forced early retirement of the Mature; plus their huge numbers of underemployed; and then the many thousands doing jobs way below their skills.

  • More proof? Talk to almost any over 45 who lost their job about their struggles to find a new one. Unfortunately, many felt it was their fault as they believe The 4 Myths – “I’m just too old and my skills are out of date”.

ageism: Ageism stamp

Australia has an awareness problem – most Australians and the Government believe it’s a personal problem.

A problem for the Mature to solve individually – do more training, get more tech skills, etc. So very wrong.

It’s not personal, it’s economy wide. Only a powerful ‘Reality Searchlight’ will solve it. This Community is the Light.

Toby Marshall, Founder and Director

Solving Recruitment Ageism needs the 3 skills Toby has built over many years…

  1. Recruitment for 20+ years – he founded a recruitment business and published 3 books on Recruiting and Job Seeking (all available on Amazon).
  2. Community building – he has built large and vibrant communities, both online and offline. Key to solving Ageism is to gather thousands of the Mature into your ‘Resource rich Self help Community‘.
  3. Coaching Workshops for the Mature – essential to upskill the over 45s so they can find the job they want. The Workshops and the Careers books are available for free in your new Community.

Why Workshops are Vital to Solve the Pandemic

Because most employers don’t discriminate consciously – they just believe the under 45s are better in so many ways. Education plus putting the Media spotlight on how age discrimination has been allowed to cause so much damage is how to solve it.

All our Workshops will be virtual, and without the physical presence and the all important body language, the presenter has to be engaging, and never dull or boring.

Toby was never boring in the over 320 presentations and workshops he has run since 1990 across Australia. He has also been paid to travel and speak in Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Singapore.

Here is just some of the feedback on Toby’s Keynotes and workshops…

I recommended Toby Marshall as a subject-matter expert to speak at the annual convention of our 2000 financial planners on the business use of Social Networking tools. Toby is never dull or boring and knows his stuff.  I am also brokering further introductions for Toby because he can add value in many other areas

Annalie Killian, then a Director of AMP

When Toby speaks, people listen. His passion and commitment are always evident on stage and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Neen James , the great American based speaker

I attended a workshop led by Toby Marshall on using Social Networking for lead creation and tribe-building. I’ll admit I was skeptical that I’d learn much, since I consider myself pretty social-media savvy. I’ll also now have to admit that I learned a lot about some things that I’d unfairly discounted. He presented to us with a huge amount of enthusiasm and humour. Toby was both an informative and provocative subject matter expert, and a fun bloke to spend a day with.

Tim Dickinson, Global Customer Success Executive

Toby Marshall presented to a boardroom lunch meeting of our key clients today. His topic was Social Networking, specifically the value of LinkedIn. Toby did an excellent job of communicating his message and simplifying the value, effectiveness and how to manage your LinkedIn presence

Anthony Moss, Business Growth Specialist